Are you looking for professional copy services?

November 10, 2009

Once you have decided to go ahead and request a price quote for discount copies, be sure to present the job name, the number of copies desired and the job type. You will have to mention whether you want color copies or black and white copying, followed by these copies being collated or not. Don’t forget to select the printed format for your discount copies, single or double sided. They use recycled white paper for all copy services, so you won’t have to worry about such matters. The covers can either be color or black and white, blank or simple clear plastic. The bindery options for the cheap copies are a little bit more complicated, offering a lot of choices. You have the three-hole punch, the plastic comb and staples on the side. If you decide, you can go with folding letter fold or the saddle stitched copies, depending of course on your needs.

The specialists working for the copying company will also ask you to describe the project in detail, offering an estimated price at the end of the quote. The next step will be to prepare the files for sending, converting them to the required pdf format. They will teach you how to transform your regular files into pdf, suggesting event the programs that have to be used (free pdf converters). Then, you will have to send the files from which the cheap copies will be eventually made.

There may be many companies out there providing color copying but you have to find the best. True professionals know how to complete each and every project successfully, having extensive experience in the color copying field. They are professional when it comes to making black and white copies as well, considering the demands of the client and the interest for competitive prices. Using modern generation equipment, these guys will make top-quality, yet cheap black and white copies, without any delays. If you have a project that involves making a lot of copies, then you should start looking for a trustworthy team today. Describe your project and you will have your B&W copies in no time!