Boost Your Company’s Image with Envelopes

November 18, 2019

Envelopes are a great way to enhance your Company’s corporate identity. Custom printed envelopes that resonate with your business and bear your logo, tagline and company colors go a long way in branding your Company and establishing trust and credibility among your target audience.

Apart from playing a vital role in branding, custom printed envelopes can help you increase your revenue substantially. Here is how:

  • Grab the Attention – The custom printed envelopes in your Company brand colors look much more lively than the plain and boring white envelopes which anybody can easily give a miss. It surely, therefore, is bound to get you the required attention.
  • Enticing the Recipient – An envelope with a teaser printed on the front, a catch line such as “10% OFF”, “GIFT VOUCHER WITH YOUR NEXT PURCHASE” will entice your customers to look through the envelope.
  • Giving a Personalized Touch – It is true that envelopes are the containers of documents, invoices or bargain deals yet they are the first thing that your recipient will hold in their hands and you can use them to establish a connection with your audience especially when you send them in bulk. Therefore, little things like using their names instead of ‘Dear Customer’ or designing the envelope that matches the color, style and design of the document or the stationery that is going to be placed inside it can surely intrigue the recipient to open the envelope.

Now that you know customized envelopes can be highly effective and efficient marketing tools for your business, choosing the right envelope is an equally important decision to make a lasting impression. Here are our expert tips to help you make the best of your budget:

  • Choose the right material – There is a subtle difference between a good and a stand-out envelope but this can be a deal breaker for your business. Regardless of the design, special attention should be paid to the quality of the paper stock for the envelope. The correct envelope is one that is equal or higher in weight to the paper. For example, the proper envelope to use would be a #24 or #28.
  • Keep in mind Company’s color code – Every business has a unique color code that also defines its corporate identity. Displaying this color code across different channels both online and offline ensures that people can instantly relate the colors to your business every time they happen to see them. Although envelopes are mostly in white you can also have an Ivory colored envelope. You can go with your own custom colors and print your company’s logo and tagline on the upper left-hand side or right side of the envelope for branding.
  • Creative yet professional look–Giving a creative edge to your envelope by stylizing the font of your tagline or adding effects to your logo can help strike the right chord with your audience. However, in a bid to outstand the crowd don’t go over the board with your graphics. Remember at the end it’s a business envelope.
  • Pay attention to the texture – Having the right paper texture is as important as choosing the right quality of paper stock if not more. Visually appealing and subtle textures certainly win over the dull, plain and boring ones.

If all this looks intimidating to you then can help you make the right decision and get the true value for your every penny spent. Our impeccable paper stock quality and professional printing services will surely leave the right impression on your customers and help your business grow.

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