Great Source For Cheap Black & White Copies

April 1, 2012

You have probably had the experience of going into a copy services center with the though of getting a small project done, and already have in mind an idea of what the project will likely cost. You may have been surprised to find out how long the project would take them to complete, perhaps thinking to yourself “I only want a few cheap black & white copies.” Well do not allow yourself to remain stuck in the dark ages of copying services. The internet has opened up new ways to get cheap copies quickly and this is something you should definitely be taking advantage of.

The advent of online copying services had greatly increased the ease of purchasing cheap copies. is an excellent source for cheap black & white copies as well as color copies. Along with copies www. offers many other copy services, such as collating and binding copied documents into pamphlets. www. offers excellent customer service and quick order completion, so you should definitely consider using their services for your next big copy order. Most projects are completed within 24 hours of being received. This means that if your company is normally faced with tight deadlines www. will always deliver on time. uses a very simple interface for you to place your copy order. Registering for an account will allow you to place orders for cheap black & white copies. Once you have registered for your account you will be able to place orders, track orders, and know exactly when your cheap copies will arrive. The site is easy to navigate with many dialog boxes to help you make informed choices when placing your copy order. Before you know it you will have a long list of copy jobs that you have used to handle.

The pricing of copy services is often one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing a company to handle your copying needs. The quality of cheap black & white copies is also something that needs to be considered though. High quality cheap copies will be virtually indistinguishable from the original. You may need some assistance with editing a particular document before it is copied. can help in that regard as well. The staff is well-trained in making use of a variety of different document editing software in order to make sure that your document has the professional look that you desire.

Additional copy services, binding, stapling, trimming, and folding are also available from . If you want to turn your cheap black & white copies into a booklet then can handle that job for you too.

It is important to remember to send documents in PDF format so that the job can be completed in a timely manner. To achieve cheap copies that look exactly like the original it is best to send the document in PDF format since there is basically no chance of losing the formatting of the original document. If you need cheap black & white copies and need a quick turnaround on your order is your source for cheap copies.