Why Flyers are a Powerful Medium of Direct Marketing

November 18, 2021

Whether you want to create awareness about your new business or product, run a fundraising campaign or look for your lost pet, flyers are a great way to attract your audience.

Flyers or handout usually refer to a one-page (or two if double-sided) document intended specifically for promotional purposes, such as products, services and events. These color copies are intended for wide distribution and can be disseminated by placing them in newspaper or handing them out in a public place or can even be sent digitally via email.

Here are some of the reasons why flyers are considered a powerful form of direct marketing:

You can be as creative with your flyer as you want. Apart from the powerful graphics, you can also highlight your main message such as sale or an open day.

Although, most of the flyers tend to be in A4 or A5 size but you can also opt for two sided flyers to buy that extra space for your message. To further spike the look, you can also consider a folded finish.

  • Something your Potential Customers can Feel & Hold

    Unlike social media marketing, flyers present an excellent opportunity to connect with your potential audience directly. When they hold the flyers in their hand that means half of the battle is already won. Whether they keep it or throw away will depend upon how appealing your flyer is and its printing quality. If your flyer wins on these two aspects, there are high chances that your potential customers will keep them for reference and from there your message reaching capability will only multiply.

  • Lure your Customers

    Flyers are a great way to give away the discount coupons or vouchers. A well printed promotional code can lure your potential customers to make a purchase online.

  • Measurable Results

    With the rapid digitization, it is now possible to measure how successful your flyer campaign has been. This can be achieved by tracking the coupon code or QR codes printed on the flyers or using a custom URL for making a purchase.

  • Presents More Economical Option

    Unlike other traditional direct marketing channels like newspaper, magazines, TV, Radio etc., flyers can spread your message across at a fraction of the cost. On one hand where buying an additional space in newspaper / magazines or air time on TV / Radio can substantially increase your marketing cost, flyers can accommodate your lengthy messages without disrupting the budget.

  • Reach Targeted Audience

    Flyers can help you reach a very specific and highly targeted set of audience at your preferred time and concentrated location. This means you can run your promotions in a designated area or generate awareness about your business or event locally.

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