Why most of the Printing Companies fail to stand high on customer’s ‘barometer’? 

May 22, 2021

rinting can be a strenuous and tedious task if not managed properly. Every organization, whether start-ups, Small And Midsize Business (SMB) or large corporations, require printing services at some point of time for branding – banners and hoardings, card printing, brochures & flyers, letterheads, T-shirt printing, hackathon or event giveaways, branded face masks, canopies/stand/posters for outside event and the list goes on.

The trend of personalized gift items has skyrocketed over the time. From wedding cards to photo frames, calendars, personalized images on sweet boxes, there are a plethora of options available for individuals also. 

Though printing seems to be a very straightforward process, it requires a bit of professional expertise due to some technicalities involved. There are a series of decisions to be made like choosing the printing material, matte or gloss finish, selecting margins and fonts, color scheme, getting high resolution print-ready designs, among others. 

Most of the people just know what they want but don’t understand all these technicalities and hence struggle to make the right decisions.

Even the popular printing companies like Vistaprint.com are highly impersonalized as they simply ask you to upload your design, make your best judgement and get the final product delivered. When the delivery reaches you, you open it with excitement and to your surprise the image is stretched or blurred, font is pixelated on the product. Dang!

With CopiesAmerica, you don’t get the last-minute surprises. Our experts carefully take a note of your requirements, guide you through various available options so that you can make an informed decision. We can convert your ideas into design or you can even bring your own designs and we can double check it’s quality before printing to ensure you get the premium printing quality products at an affordable price.